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If you do not know your site's latitude and longitude, please use the Site Locator tool. Otherwise, please enter your Latitude and Longitude in decimal degrees.
If you do not know your watershed, click here to see a state map of the watersheds!
Description of site: Please describe the location of your sampling site using road names and other obvious landmarks

Please Review

  1. Before you begin create a new site, use the Current Sites tab to see if your organization has already entered the site into the system. If the site already exists for your organization, simply use the site's ID number when you enter your data.
  2. If the site does not exist for your organization, create the new site by filling out the form on this page. First, use the Locator tab on this page to pinpoint the location of the site. Then verify the coordinates shown in the form against your records to ensure accurate mapping of your results to the site.
  3. Finish filling out the rest of the form using the dropdown menus and entering text where necessary.

Please contact the Secondary Data Coordinator with any questions or problems you encounter when registering a new site.
Phone: (317) 308-3081

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Grab the pin located on the map below and drag it to your sampling location. The longitude and latitude will automatically fill in the form to the left.