Request a Template

  1. Email Us Your Request
  2. Once OWQ is notified of your request, you will be sent via email a template. To use the templates for data upload, your project must first be set up. First-time users will request a template from OWQ using the link below. There are three templates provided on this site. One is the site information template, which is used to provide your site locations and the other information necessary to set your project up for data uploads into the system. This template is completed once for each project. 

Any questions on the use of these templates may be directed to the Secondary Data Quality Coordinator by phone at (317) 308-3081 or by email at:



Please contact the Secondary Data Coordinator with any questions about sharing your water quality data with IDEM’s Office of Water Quality through this portal. If you are monitoring as part of a NPS Program grant project, please contact the Secondary Data Quality Assurance Manager with any questions regarding your options for data submittal.

Phone: (317) 308-3081